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Securing the Pre-Owned Marketplace


The Global Pre-Owned Marketplace

Flip addresses cryptocurrency’s two biggest challenges when it comes to mainstream consumer adoption.  

First, acquiring crypto: With Flip, users can convert physical assets into cryptocurrency (XRP) quickly and easily. 

Secondly, once you have crypto, what can you do with it besides speculate and hold? We answer this by providing an online global marketplace where pre-owned goods can be bought and sold with XRP. 

We’ve put enormous effort into crafting a great user experience while also ensuring strong security, liquidity (XRP Baby) and effortless convenience.  Flip has all the makings of the “killer app” for everyone that crypto needs to reach its next phase.


With Flip, unwanted items are “recycled” into tokens with global liquidity, and real and immediate value. Flip creates a potent synergy throughout the emerging crypto economy, priming it for explosive growth. 

The Flip platform is open to crypto newcomers and veterans alike. Owners of other Digital Assets can freely trade them for XRP on exchanges and start shopping in the marketplace. We think of Flip as the eBay™ or craigslist™ of crypto.




Blockchain v2.0

Blockchain is maturing rapidly — more use cases are being explored every day. Flip leverages the “trustless” aspect of blockchain, which has made the technology so attractive in fin-tech particularly. And because it’s built for crypto and by crypto, the Flip platform is well-positioned to incorporate the evolving features and benefits of blockchain. 

Flip’s value proposition is to secure pre-owned commerce by utilizing a patent-pending “smart escrow” combined with XRPs Interledger + Codius smart contracts to upgrade the traditional eCommerce platform to protect buyers and sellers in ways that other online marketplaces can’t. In short, the platform is aiming to be the disruptive force that finally takes cryptocurrency mainstream.



Fast, simple, transparent conversion between physical assets and cryptocurrency is what makes the Flip platform so exciting and disruptive. Flip’s patent-pending method allows users to convert tokens into tangible value by purchasing items through a global marketplace. XRP, Flip’s chosen cryptocurrency can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies (and vice versa) at any of the major exchanges. And liquidity is not an issue as Flips chosen cryptocurrency XRP can be traded on almost all of the exchanges available as well as if held be stored on the many cold storage wallets such as Ledger™.

By streamlining conversion, Flip becomes the essential market instrument cryptocurrency has needed since its inception. 


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